Flippin Middle School
Tutoring, Detention, and Summer School



Meeting  Times   Monday-Thursday 3:15-4:30 pm  
Snacks  We will provide a drink and snack for each child.  
Transportation  We will run buses.  The students will be dropped off at satellite locations throughout the district for our parents.  (the buses will leave the school at 4:30)  
Teachers  J. Lawrence and S. Ledbetter  
Mornings  Parents and Students can request one on one teacher help beginning at 7:30 am. (Please contact the office to set up tutoring times)  



Date and Time    Monday-Friday 3:10-4:10 pm
 Assignments Teacher and Principal.  They will be issued in 15 minute increments up to 60 minutes.(3:10-3:25; 3:10-3:40; 3:10-3:55; 3:10-4:10)
Parental Contact  Each student will be given a discipline referral by the teacher or principal for the parent to  sign and return to the office the following morning.
Alternative Punishment  Parents can request an alternative punishment.  It must be in writing on the discipline referral when it is returned the following day. 
Missed Detention   Any missed detention will result in the daily amount being doubled.  Parents can request another date in writing if the assigned date creates a conflict in picking up their child.  
Continued Missed Detention   If a student misses detention after accumulating 100 minutes they will be assigned in-school suspension .  If a student misses detention after accumulating 180 minutes, they will be assigned a 1 day out-of-school suspension.  This does not replace the detention time.  The accumulated time will be served completely.
Tutoring Students who are assigned detention   Tutoring Students can go into the classroom after serving detention up to 30 minutes.  IF a tutoring student has been assigned over 30 minutes of detention, he/she will need to make arrangements for their parents to pick them up following serving their detention. 


Summer School


 Date/Time June-July for 5 weeks 8:30-12:00 
Assignments  Students will be assigned summer school on teacher and parent referral.  Students that have not successfully passed 1 or 2 core classes for the year.
  Curriculum Students will be using prepared educational packets and A+ Educational tutorial software. 
Promotion   Students must successfully complete summer school for promotion to the next grade.  They must acheive a passing grade in summer school.
Attendance   Attendance is mandatory to successfully pass.  A student will only be allowed 1 absence.  
Cost   To off set the cost for materials, teacher, maintenance, and utilities, each student attending summer school will be charged $50.00 to be paid before the first day of summer school.  




Tutoring, Detention, and Summer School for Flippin Middle School is currently under construction. Please come back later.